7 hard to kill house plants with surprising benefits


Breathe new life into your living space by adding a one (or a few) house plants.

Is there anything better than seeing gorgeous stems and greenery in your home?  There are so many benefits to having house plants, and yet, many of us are going without them.


Perhaps today we can persuade you to try a little green friend or two in your home.

Let’s start with the benefits of house plants.

1. House plants can reduce stress. 


Adding potted plants near your work area or home office to lower your levels of stress and fatigue.  Adding house plants to these areas can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure.  Plus, if you suffer from respiratory problems, it can help with that too.

2. House plants can increase your productivity. 

Just like reducing stress, because you’re able to better focus and lessen the amount of stress and anxiety you have, you’re able to increase your productivity.

3. House plants add to your decor

As I said starting out this article, there is just something beautiful about incorporating live plants into your home decor. Whether it’s a special shelf or hanging baskets, or large pots – you really can’t go wrong.

4. Fight Colds 

House plants have the ability to humidify the air as well as decrease dust. These things combined can help you fight off colds. There are even specific plants that you can use for house plants that will help you when you’re sick like eucalyptus and lavender.

5. Help you fall asleep and stay asleep

Just like the benefits of having house plants in your home office, there are many benefits to having house plants in your bedroom where you sleep. Those same ideals of lowering stress, anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure also mean that when it’s time to catch some shut-eye, you’re going to have a much easier time falling asleep and staying asleep with house plants nearby.

6. House plants purify the air and improve your well being

You can put your wallet away if you’re thinking about buying one of those expensive air purifiers. Especially when a house plant is a more affordable and beautiful option.  So try a house plant like Aloe Vera, Peace Lily or Eucalyptus first.

House plants you need to put in your home

These house plants are easy to care for, aka hard to kill and will give you all of the benefits we talked about above.

This should get you started on finding the perfect, and hard to kill house plant.  Questions? Let us know in the comments!

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