This bedtime routine will make your body love you

Bedtime is great, but what if you could make it even better? With this bedtime routine, your body will love you in the morning.

Part of being good to yourself is taking care of yourself.  This means finding little ways, every day, to take time out for you.  As a mom that can be all kinds of difficult.  I get it.  Been there.

The bedtime routine that we’re going to talk about today isn’t for the kiddos, it’s for you.  Because you need this time for yourself too.  So let’s get started.

Pick a time you want to go to sleep.

Make sure that the time you choose is possible most nights.  (Give or take 30 minutes or so should be fine.) If your kids go to bed at 8 pm, don’t make your bedtime 8:30. Because we all know that kids going to bed on time is usually a dream that never quite happens.

You want to pick a time and stick to it as much as possible to get your body used to the schedule.  

Choose a calming exercise

Believe it or not, doing select exercise will not only calm you down but get you focused on things that are outside your to-do list.

You’re finally done with your day. You lay down in bed and start to relax, only to find yourself thinking about everything you forgot to do today or ran out of time to do, so you’ll have to do it tomorrow. Then you think about everything tomorrow brings and wonder how you’ll manage it all.  Then comes the bake sale next week or the oil change that’s coming. You get the idea.

Calming exercise like yoga or meditation can go a long way to helping you relax and calm your mind so you can fall asleep faster. Try out some super simple yoga poses here.

Give yourself a hand massage

Another option for your bedtime routine is giving yourself a hand massage. There are a lot of reasons for this.  First, it will relax you (even more so if your significant other can do it for you) and improve blood flow and circulation. A hand massage will give you increased range of motion and can even relieve headaches.

Try out this how-to video below to get you started. And try this stress relief aromatherapy lotion. (Hint: it smells AMAZING)

Super simple yoga poses especially for exhausted moms. #yogaforbeginners #yogaposes #yogaformoms
After becoming a mom it can be difficult to get back into working out. Yoga is a great way to get started again. These easy yoga poses for beginners will get you back on track. #yogaforbeginners #yogaformoms #yogaposes
Yoga is a great way to get back into shape after having a baby. It's easy on your body and you can go at your own pace. #yogaposes #yogaforbeginners #yogaformoms
Ready to get your pre baby body back? Yoga is a great way for new moms to get back into a workout routine. #yogaformoms #yogaposes #yogaforbeginners

Turn off your devices

The blue light that comes from electronics like TV’s and your phone can kill your sleepy vibes. Turn them off and give your body a chance to be blue light free for at least 30 minutes before you’re ready to snooze. This means no Candy Crush or Animal Crossing, sorry.

Stretch out your body

Like the hand massage, stretching can relieve stress and reduce muscle tension while increasing blood flow and circulation. It also helps you correct your posture over time.

Some additional benefits of stretching are increased flexibility and stamina as well as decreasing your risk of injury. Plus, stretching actually increases your energy levels.

You might try this stretching strap or add this to your yoga routine.

Here are some stretches to work into your bedtime routine.

We hope you find the perfect mix that works for you.  Your body will thank you, promise.

Your body will love you if you keep up with this bedtime routine. Correct your posture, increase flexibility and blood flow and sleep better. #bedtimeroutine #bedtimeroutineforadults #bedtimeroutinewomen
Sleep better, feel more relaxed and decrease your risk of injury with this bedtime routine for adults. #bedtimeroutine #bedtimeroutineforadults #bedtimeroutinewomen
 Time to get your sleep on with this wonderful bedtime routine for adults. This routine will help you sleep better and be rested for the next day. #bedtimeroutine #bedtimeroutineforadults #bedtimeroutinewomen
As an adult, we don't think about bedtime routines, it's for kids... But there are so many benefits to creating a bedtime routine that will make you sleep better and wake up ready to take on the day. #bedtimeroutine #bedtimeroutineforadults #bedtimeroutinewomen



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