20 fall fireplaces that are the perfect inspiration

I seriously love fireplaces even though my home seems to be lacking one.. (Wink wink husband if you’re reading) I did have one growing up and they just make everything seem so much warmer and cozy. Ugh, now I want hot cocoa or one of these spectacular drinks, and a good book next to the fireplace. … Read more

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15 luxury walk-in closets you won’t want to miss

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The best nail designs of the year

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Fall outfits for serious inspiration you need to try

I can’t tell you how excited I am for fall. I get all excited at the idea of picking pumpkins and pumpkin spice, well, everything. The fall colors are beautiful and pulling out my winter clothes is just some added excitement.  C’mon, fall boots are the freakin’ best… am I right? I am in love … Read more

11 No-carve pumpkin decorating ideas will make you love Halloween

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How to effectively achieve a healthy lifestyle

It might seem like a difficult feat to achieve a healthy lifestyle, but there are many small things you can do that add up to big change. Just like anything worth having, it takes time, patience and effort to achieve the results you want. A healthy lifestyle isn’t a pill or a quick fix. It … Read more

The shampoo that will make your hair flawless

Stop wasting your money on expensive products that don’t work. This shampoo and conditioner will seriously make your hair flawless. I’m not kidding, and I can tell you I was skeptical.  As I always am about things that seem “too good to be true”.  I had seen ads for function of beauty for months and had … Read more