7 Genius Cleaning Hacks To Always Be Ready For Company


“I’m going to stop by quick!”

Those words strike fear into me like I’m being chased by a bear. Let’s face it, most of the time our home is not Instagram worthy. Maybe not even Facebook worthy. And sometimes you just submit to the fact that a small tornado passed through your home without anyone else noticing.

Now you have a problem. Your friend is going to stop by quick and you’re looking at this disaster while calculating if it’s faster to quick clean or try to make up some excuse so that your friend bypasses your stop completely.

Cleaning isn’t something anyone enjoys doing – okay maybe a few, but chances are if you’re reading this, you’re not one of those people. So we’ve asked some experts to share with us their best cleaning hacks to keep you always ready for company.

1. Home automation is a must

Becky Beach from MomBeach.com shared her awesome cleaning hack with us about automating your cleaning.
“I keep my house clean on auto pilot by doing 15 minute and 30 minute time blocks of clean up a day as a habit. When I see clutter, I immediately start organizing it away and making things look tidy. By implementing this strategy, you will see a lot less mess in your home.

Add some cleaning automation to your home:

2. Clean up while you’re cooking

Liz Jeneault over at Faveable.com shared the perfect cleaning hack with us.

“A cleaning hack my mom taught me at a young age, was to always clean your dishes while cooking and also clean up immediately after you’re done eating.

Dishes can become the biggest hassle because people allow them to sit for hours and the leftover food hardens. Try getting melted cheese off a plate several hours after you made some nachos and you’ll know what I’m talking about! Or what about the massive effort it takes to get the seeds off the side of a blender after you let a smoothie sit in there? Even simple things like salad dressing or hot sauce can be a pain to clean after they sit on a surface for a while. But, if you wash your plate immediately after you’re done eating, you won’t have to worry about scrubbing later!

I always put my dishes right in the dishwasher after I give them a rinse, so the sink is clean and beautiful looking. There’s nothing worse than a dirty sink. It can ruin the whole vibe of a kitchen and is sadly the first thing company will notice! If you have a whole stack of dirty dishes lying around, your friends might just make fun of you for it. If you wash them as you go, though, you’ll always be prepared for company to come over and enjoy your kitchen.

A kitchen is one of the most common places people hang out when they have company over, so it’s always best to have it clean just in case.

3. Out of sight, out of mind

Ciara O-Dowd from Simplify Valet Storage has a clever idea when you’ve got more than a few minutes to clean.

” We are on demand storage company which is 
great for when you have unexpected guests. We come pick up your stuff that 
you want to put away, we store and we return it when you want it back. It 
is an affordable service starting at $30 a month, with no commitment 
policy, ideal for unexpected situations.”

How cool is that? Say a relative is flying in and you’ve got your guest bedroom full of junk! Get rid of it easily just while that relative is in.

4. When in doubt, do this

Rachel Kuchle from Fiber-Seal Systems shares this quick cleaning hack to get you ready for company.

” There are several ways you can stay guest ready all year round. The number one tip is vacuum, vacuums are best friends to your floors.

A good maintenance plan includes frequent vacuuming of the areas that receive the most use, such as hallways, stairs, exterior entryways, and traffic patterns throughout the home. Be sure to vacuum all carpeted areas at least twice each week.

Pro Tip – slow pass against the carpet pile is more effective than several quick strokes. Heavy traffic areas may require multiple passes (forward and backward) to sufficiently extract embedded soil. Keeping your home vacuumed will allow for worry free visits from guest you were not expecting! 

5. Try the “Three Bucket” method

Luis Perez from 5miles shares his brilliant quick cleaning hack.

“In your home, keep three buckets or bins on hand: 
1. Trash it – If it’s worn out or broken, just toss it. 
2. Recycle it – If you no longer need it, but it’s otherwise usable. 
3. Donate it – Donate or sell your unused items via local marketplaces (like 5miles)

6. Become a storage master

Julia Askin from Fueled.com gives us an amazing cleaning hack that you should incorporate.

:My top quick cleaning hack would be to have storage in as many places as 

For example, bins under the couch and bed, bins in closets and 
storage space up high, away from direct line of sight. That way, toys, 
electronics or clothing that is strewn all over the floor can quickly be 
hidden for sorting out later.

Secondly, a major concern can be pet fur all 
over the couch or chairs; I would suggest keeping a sheet over the couch 
that you simply pull off and throw in the laundry when guests are set to 

7. Maintain a smooth surface

Lucy Harris from Hello Baby Bump shares a super simple cleaning hack.

” To always be prepared for company, my number one hack would have to be always keeping surfaces clean. Don’t allow clutter to build up, put things 
away once you have finished with them and if something has been left out, 
put it away as soon as you notice it. Keeping surfaces clean allows your 
home to constantly look clean and prepared for company.”

Try implementing these cleaning hacks the next time you’re about to have unexpected company.

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