4 Chic Ways to Turn a Dress Into a Fall Outfit

Summer’s bright hues have deepened into the vibrant shades of autumn, and you may be wondering what to do with your summer wardrobe. However, all is not lost for your light summer dresses. These four tips will enable you to rock your summer attire well into the cold seasons.

Top Your Outfit with a Scarf

A scarf can fortify your summer dress against the autumn cold, adapting it for the season of change. The wrap of heavy wool will protect sensitive skin exposed by thin fabric and a low neckline. It will also guard your collar from the icy claws of wind that want to crawl underneath and chill your body.

From a fashion standpoint, a scarf can complement the colors and pattern of your dress with matching solid colors or a pattern for a solid dress.

Layer with Tights

Tights are a cozy mainstay of autumn fashion, providing a skintight layer of warmth and protection. Your legs will be reliably warm and snug even under a thin summer dress, similar to how athletes wear skin tight shirts beneath their gear.

Don’t worry about overdressing either because black tights are one of the most basic and universally accepted fashion items, wearable for events such as formal dinners to hikes through the falling leaves. However, if you’re feeling daring, there’s a variety of multicolor tights to match with your summer dresses and make a statement.

Pull on a Jacket

Now that bare-shoulder season is done, are you worried about your shoulder straps exposing too much skin? Don’t worry, a jacket will protect you in comfort. Denim jackets, like jeans, go well with almost anything. For rainy days, a colorful slicker will do wonders. Even an edgy leather jacket will do well with a loose summer dress.

Upscale Your Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a flowy icon of summer, and with a few adjustments, you can flaunt them into the autumn months. Sliding a pair of tights under your dress will enable you to keep showing off your legs in style and add some fresh color too.

Similarly, boots of the heavy winter variety will keep your feet warm and cozy under your skirt. Then, there’s a maxi knot. By tying your dress up, you can upscale your maxi dress so that it won’t drag and get ruined in the wet leaves and mud of autumn.

Summer dresses can undoubtedly look good on you even when the air outside starts to get chillier. By following these tips, you can continue looking good and staying warm into the cold and wet days of autumn.

Wanting to establish your autumn style? Be sure to check out our latest content on style trends and fashion tips. Get and stay in style with our help.

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