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The Platform You Need To Focus On Growing

grow your website

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There are so many platforms out there, and there seem to be more every day. So you might be finding it hard to prioritize which platforms deserve the most attention and time. You’re only one person (or a small team) after all. Which platforms do you spend your time on now? Could you be focusing on things that you shouldn’t? Are you trying to grow your website?

Everything you do online should be leading people back to your own website. This is the number one thing I get asked.  And the number one thing that people get wrong. 

Why website growth is so important

Your website is the one and only place on the internet that you own.  And ownership, my friends, is the key.  It’s the key to getting the traffic, engagement and money that you want out of your blog or business.  

I’ve heard people say that they’re just building their Instagram and that’s it.  No website, nothing.  And tomorrow Instagram could decide to shut down their account.  Then what?  Months, maybe even years of hard work, gone.  

Stop competing for your audience.

Continuing with the Instagram example, any account is competing with every other account on the platform.  You’re out there competing with influencers with massive audiences, or brands that are paying to be seen.  You’re the tiny fish in a vast pond that just keeps growing. 

You don’t own your content.

I know.  It’s crazy! But on most social media platforms, once you post your content, it’s technically not yours anymore.  Both Instagram and Facebook (both owned by Facebook) can use any user content at any time for any reason.  Great huh?  You put in all that hard work to give it away to someone else.  

You’re mixing a passive audience with a passionate one.

I’m a big believer that your audience will tell you what they want.  But you can’t judge that on engagements, or likes.  That’s why getting people back to your website, and deep diving into your analytics is so important.  You can see how long someone hangs around, what pages or articles get the most time on page and pivot your content (and product) strategies from there. 

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