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Zen Home: It’s The Simple Things

Zen Home bedroom

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It’s easier than you think to create a zen home. These simple tips will get you there.

Peace and tranquility are a must at home.  It’s your palace, the place where you can go to be totally yourself, rest and relax. Your place to get away from the stress of work and life in general. When our home is in chaos, we don’t feel at peace. It brings on more stress and headache. Making a zen home can make your home feel more relaxed and a place where you can truly wash away the stress and anxiety of the outside world. Here are a few simple hacks to make your home more zen.

1. Use neutral colors.

Colors have a huge impact on how we feel. For example, red gives us energy, passion, and danger. While green gives us growth, harmony, and safety. (source) Surrounding yourself with colors that make your house feel calm and peaceful will naturally make your home more zen.

2. Simplify (or Kanso)

It refers to the grace and beauty of keeping things simple.  In other words, if you don’t absolutely need something, leave it out. Think of it as thoughtful minimalism.

3. Balance, Forget About It

Sometimes, in order to achieve relaxation, we need to be intrigued. Having an asymmetrical look and feel can do it.

4. Natural (and light) Fabrics 

Fabrics, including curtains, pillows, and furniture should keep the natural element to make your home more zen. They bring comfort and tranquility, which will help complete the look.

Think linen curtainshemp headboards, and cotton throws.

5. Earthy Elements

Bringing the outdoors inside in the right way can be a big boost to the zen factor in your home.

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