Fashion and Beauty: 3 Reasons to Shop Ethically

Part of looking great is feeling good about the beauty and fashion products that you use. Instead of buying cheap mass-produced items, why not shop for ethically made things created by people for people? Here are three good reasons to give ethical buying for fashion and beauty products a try.

The Products Are Usually High-Quality

Mass-produced clothing and cosmetics all have something very bleak in common: They’re often made at the lowest possible cost in order to generate the highest margin of profit. The people who make them are paid low wages, and ingredients are purchased from the cheapest and not the best sources.

On the other hand, workers who are paid more to put their heart and soul into what they create are motivated to make high-quality personal products. Not only that, but as Collective Humanity explains, more is invested in the luxurious ingredients you want, and the end product ultimately reflects the better environment in which they were made. They may cost a little more, but you can be confident that they’re worth using.

It Helps the Environment

Beauty products, like makeup or skincare oils, tend to use up a lot of resources. For example, Doterra has pointed out that their oil production uses a large number of natural resources that they have to be careful about not depleting. They developed a strategy that helps manage these resources in a way that doesn’t endanger them and also gives back to the communities from which they come from. This not only benefits the environment both locally and globally, but it also ensures that the ingredients used in your favorite beauty products continue to be available in the future.

It Contributes to the Development of More Quality Products

The world’s most successful companies were built on filling consumers’ needs and wants. That means as a shopper, you have considerable influence, and if you demand ethically made, responsibly-sourced, and cruelty-free products, you are creating a customer base that encourages like-minded businesses to innovate and make more of what you want. Companies like PepsiCo have been and are still improving in their ethical practices and have been noted by outside sources as being one of the most ethical companies there are.

New businesses are encouraged to bring fresh ideas to market knowing that consumers support their efforts and are willing to pay a fair price to support the production of high-quality, sustainable, environmentally friendly products. From there, enthusiasm will only grow.

Don’t let beauty be just skin deep. Be aware of where your clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics come from and the labor put into each product that you wear. Spread the love and confidence by throwing your support behind ethically made goods.

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