The Top Home Trends That Will Make You Want To Redecorate


We’re ringing in the new year with style. That is, with the top home trends for 2019. 2019 is going to be a somewhat eclectic year, but beautiful for sure. Check out what’s in this year in home trends.

Jewel Tones

Like any good color palette, a pop of color can be your best friend. Adding jewel tones to your decor is no exception. Easily update the look and feel of your home with small changes like this pendant lamp or new throw pillows.

Oversized Wall Art

Credit: Sako Art Studio Etsy

I was never a fan of gallery walls, mostly because I could never hang them right (who’s with me on that one?!), so oversized artwork is right up my alley.  Nothing to measure, just hang and done.  Snag it here.

Handmade Pieces

You can’t get much better than reclaimed wood furniture and accent pieces for this trend. Like these end tables made from longleaf pine.

Dramatic Entrances

Credit: Pinterest

Not that kind of drama.  But the colorful, bold kind.  Like this purple front door we fell in love with on Pinterest. 

Bold Meets Backsplash

Goodbye monotone and hello bright, beautiful colors that make your kitchen distinctly yours.  Like these peel and stick tiles. 

Floral Wallpapers & Fabrics

While wallpaper might be a pain to remove, you’ll probably never remove this.  Check out this floral wallpaper from Amazon.

Canopy & Poster Beds

Why shouldn’t your bedroom make you feel luxurious and pampered? An easy way to do that is with a gorgeous bed. Snag it on Amazon here.

Plants & Greenery

Breathe new life into your home by bringing the outdoors in. House plants add pops of color, give you a boost and look beautiful no matter what your existing decor. Grab your own here.

Earthy Color Inspiration

While we may have hinted at this above with our jewel tones and natural wood home trends, earthy colors are back and here to stay for a while. Check out this gorgeous low pile rug from Amazon here.

Matte Black

And finally on our home trends list is matte black. It’s the new hot finish for 2019 & 2020. You’ll be seeing it on everything from faucets to tables to light fixtures. Gorgeous, sleek and easy to maintain. Like these lights.

Speaking of black, check out these black & white bedrooms for some inspiration.

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